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New release: LOWdown is PHUCHINLIVE!

To close out this month of LIVE HIP-HOP, LOWdown brings it with the action packed LIVE EP called “HAUPHUCHINLIVEIYAM”. Recorded at Hkan in Pittsburgh, PA back in August of 2005, this live set is a fun piece of LOWdown history that’s sure to hold an honored spot in your LOWdown/Impossebulls music c…… Read “New release: LOWdown is PHUCHINLIVE!”

New release: Deadly Combo remixxed by C-Doc!

Back in December we closed out 2013 with the INCREDIBLE debut album, “Unattainable”, by Maryland based Deadly Combo — a group comprised of brothers CM aka Creative and RM aka Bigg-M. That album’s sound harkens back to the classic early to mid 1990s era of hip-hop with it’s big thumping beats and a…… Read “New release: Deadly Combo remixxed by C-Doc!”

New release: The Impossebulls Get RAW AS F**K!!

The Impossebulls, as you may already know, began as a project put together by Public Enemy’s Chuck D. It wasn’t long after that that the “virtual rap squad”, as they were originally promoted, moved beyond the virtual world when key members, within driving distance of one another, began stomping on…… Read “New release: The Impossebulls Get RAW AS F**K!!”

New release: Introducing HYMnEYE LIVE!

The month of February is going to be something special with LIVE hip-hop all month long, thanks to The Impossebulls and their family of related artists. Today we kick things off with a dope live set from a group called HYMnEYE, that’s comprised of blocSonic’s own Mported Flows along with Grace One…… Read “New release: Introducing HYMnEYE LIVE!”

New release: Mported Flows month comes to a close with "Master Plan"!

Closing out Mported Flows month is the second single, “Master Plan”, featuring special versions of the dope “The Pronged Fork” cut. A must hear, whether you’re a fan or haven’t checked out Mported Flows yet. As with ALL hip-hop we drop, this is the real thing, not that stuff that the mainstream wo…… Read “New release: Mported Flows month comes to a close with "Master Plan"!”

New release: Mported Flows… the album finally drops!

Over the past couple years, C-Doc has brought with him an incredible group of releases that he’s been involved with. Mported Flows’ new album is no exception. Originally set for release back in 2007, for whatever reason it never officially saw the light of day. It’s a shame, too, because it deserv…… Read “New release: Mported Flows… the album finally drops!”