“rec72” News

netBloc Vol. 28 is here! Why You Get A Record Deal?

Since 2007 we’ve been giving you these fantastic collections of netaudio in hopes that it introduces you to a new world of music that’s available on the web. This time around is no different… except in one way. It’s quite literally the first time that the final line-up is the same as the first one…… Read “netBloc Vol. 28 is here! Why You Get A Record Deal?”

Producers... 'beat' music magazine remix contest

The German music magazine beat is hosting a remix contest of ZOE.LEELA’s track “Destroy She Says” from the rec72 release “Queendom Come”. Visit rec72 for more details.… Read “Producers... 'beat' music magazine remix contest”

Wandering the urban paths with lukeing forward

In just a few days we may expect a fresh new album to burst into the internet, coming straight from a talented Polish producer – lukeing forward. Labelled Wandering in Urban Fog it will be released by the German netlabel rec72. Those seeking in music a truly adamant verve, multiphase merging, illust…… Read “Wandering the urban paths with lukeing forward”