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SO7 Sunday: Tha Silent Partner's SIX ONNA 7 series continues!

Today we’re dropping a surprise release on you with the continuation of the excellent Tha Silent Partner’s SIX ONNA 7 fortyFive series! In case you missed the previous couple parts, a SO7 fits 6 fresh tracks into the length of a fortyFive release… 12 minutes. Perfect snackage for ears that need a…… Read “SO7 Sunday: Tha Silent Partner's SIX ONNA 7 series continues!”

New release: Lyndon Scarfe's new single, "Waving"!

With “Waving”, the second single from his stunning “Music From A Lost Film”, Lyndon Scarfe brings you another great single featuring impressive non-album cuts. Truly, a fitting supplement to the album. Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the first single, “Drifting”, too! Of course, t…… Read “New release: Lyndon Scarfe's new single, "Waving"!”

New release: Lyndon Scarfe's "Music For A Lost Film"!

All in the matter of moments, a mysterious film suddenly appears in the world and then just as instantly it is lost… at that same moment, Lyndon Scarfe is abruptly awoken from slumber and he’s inexplicably compelled to write the soundtrack for the very same ephemeral film. He does just that and th…… Read “New release: Lyndon Scarfe's "Music For A Lost Film"!”

New release: Lyndon Scarfe Drift's back to blocSonic!

British musician Lyndon Scarfe has been involved in music production since the early 1980’s. Originally keyboards player in the post-punk band the Danse Society he has since made dance music under the name UltraGlider, ambient and drone under his own name, done a number of remixes (including some…… Read “New release: Lyndon Scarfe Drift's back to blocSonic!”

New release: Stewart & Scarfe's "I Was Awake"

Boy, do we have a great release for you today! “I Was Awake”, the final single from Stewart & Scarfe’s “Outer Circular”. The original album version, incredible in its own right, finds itself in good company with a truly special trilogy by Public Enemy producer, C-Doc, a gorgeous remix by dustm…… Read “New release: Stewart & Scarfe's "I Was Awake"”

New release: Stewart & Scarfe's "Outer Circular" arrives!

With “Outer Circular”, Lyndon Scarfe reworks selections from Liam Stewart’s solo body of work. A thoroughly enjoyable and inventive collection that easily stands on its own as a significant release in itself. Sequenced, phased, vocoded, synthed, reverbed, echoed… it’s now time for these Liam Stewa…… Read “New release: Stewart & Scarfe's "Outer Circular" arrives!”