CM aka Creative “The Classic Material Completion Package XE”

There was once this funky little UK netlabel named Random Flow that put out a total of 12 releases. It was the first netlabel that I knew of that was solely focused on hip-hop. Among the many gems that they released were CM aka Creative’s 2 volumes of Classic Material. These gems were instant favorites of mine. When it became apparent to me that Random Flow went dark and CM aproached blocSonic about releasing Classic Material Vol. 3, I began thinking about re-releasing 1 & 2. Though I didn’t feel that simply re-releasing them individually would fit blocSonic. I began thinking about Universal’s series of multi-disc “Deluxe Edition” releases and it struck me that something like that format would suite blocSonic’s needs – the Xtended Edition was born. Now I finally get to present to you CM’s “The Classic Material Completion Package XE”!

What we have for you in the completion package is “Classic Material Vol. 1”, “Classic Material Vol. 2” and an exclusive collection of early works called “Bootleg Material” that does a great job of displaying the development CM’s undergone over the years.

Once you’ve soaked in all that “The Classic Material Completion Package XE” has to offer… be sure to also grab the first maxi-single, “True”, “Classic Material Vol. 3: UI Radio”, his first commercial release “Raiders of the Lost Art” (available at iTunes or CD Baby) and on Tuesday July 13th don’t miss the second maxi-single “I Got You”!

I never tire of saying it… THANK YOU! Thanks to all of you who are new to blocSonic and those of you who faithfully return to us for your listening pleasure! It feels great to know that blocSonic plays a part in helping people break out of the mainstream box.

Thanks again to CM aka Creative for coming to us in the first place!

Keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it… broadcast it.

  • Catalog Number: BSXE0003
  • Release Date: June 29th, 2010
  • Running Time: 2:29:19