Ever present in the world of Reggae music are the concepts of riddims and versions. If you’ve ever gotten a hold of a few Reggae 7 inches, you’ve noticed this. On the A side, the "version" with vocals, on the B side, the "riddim". Much of the time, that same riddim can be used for multiple versions on different 7s. Thanks to Tha Silent Partner (ever the format innovator), we’ll be releasing our own blocVersions series, kicked off with his own “Riddims & Stems” release. For each release we’ll provide the riddims in their own downloadable package in the standard audio format. In addition we’ll provide a special package containing the original riddims along with their stems (in lossless FLAC format). If you're a vocalist and you want to provide your own vocal version, do it, to it and send it our way, maybe you’ll get your own fortyFive release! If you're a producer or musician, use those stems, create something fresh and new and maybe send it to us for possible release! If you’re a music fan, download them and enjoy.

Album cover for “Riddims & Stems” by Tha Silent Partner

Riddims & Stems by Tha Silent Partner





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