Where can I download rap albums for free?

If you’re on the hunt for quality free rap and hip-hop album downloads, then the following list should be just what you need to help keep you discovering incredible hip-hop!

  • Right here at blocSonic

    First we suggest you explore our extensive high quality hip-hop catalog to discover some incredible independent hip-hop/rap music. We’re an eclectic music label that releases a variety of incredible music with hip-hop holding a very special place.

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  • Dusted Wax Kingdom

    If you dig dusty, downtempo & trip-hop, we highly recommend Dusted Wax Kingdom. The excellent netlabel has been focused on delivering quality beats since 2007. Do not miss out some great music!

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  • Monster Jinx

    Monster Jinx is a fantastic label that explores hip-hop in unique and wonderful ways. Their catalog is definitely worth exploring.

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  • Exociety

    Exociety is a fine netlabel that has been releasing hip-hop that lives at the bleeding edge since 2012. If you’re looking for something a bit different, they should be a good fit.

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  • Starfrosch

    Starfrosch is terrific way to discover the wide world of Creative Commons licensed hip-hop. Explore their hip-hop chart for a bunch of sonic gems.

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  • Jamendo

    Jamendo has long remained an important source of quality Creative Commons licensed music, including hip-hop. Do check out their catalog of releases.

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No matter where you discover great new music to download for free, be sure that when you find artists you love, show them support by purchasing whatever physical goods that they’re selling. This is the number one thing you can do. Downloading the music for free and streaming it on digital outlets simply doesn’t provide nearly as much value to artists. It’s time music fans do all they can to help prop up artists they love!