Where to download free albums?

So you’d like to know how or where to download music albums for free? Here at blocSonic we’ve been seeking and providing the highest quality free music downloads for over a decade. It began in 2007 when we first began releasing our Creative Commons licensed netBloc compilation series. Back then netlabels were all the rage and we wanted to shine the light on high-quality music coming out of netlabel culture. Since then we’ve been able to find many dependable sources of incredible free music. Let us point you to them.

  • Here at blocSonic we’ve got you covered!

    In addition to our netBloc compilation series, we’ve long been releasing an eclectic range of original music releases, too. From Hip-Hop to Rock to Electronic to Pop… with over 480 releases, you’re bound to find some new to you music you’ll love!

    Browse our lossless music catalog for incredible free downloads before moving on to the below list.

  • Must visit Netlabels

    Although there aren’t as many active netlabels as there once were, there are still a large number of them releasing incredible music that you won’t find on Spotify or any of the digital outlets. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

    • Dusted Wax Kingdom

      This scrappy Bulgarian netlabel specializes in releasing dusty instrumental downtempo & trip-hop musical gems. Since 2007 they’ve been a dependable source of fantastic free music. Don’t pass them by. If you do, you’re likely to miss out on some possible new to you favorites.

      Visit Dusted Wax Kingdom to browse their high-quality catalog.

    • Phonocake

      Since 2003, the German netlabel Phonocake has been focused on delivering the highest quality music from artists all around the world. If electronic music is where your heart’s at, check out this quality netlabel.

      Stop by Phonocake to discover their tasty catalog of electronic music.

    • Monster Jinx

      The Portugal based netlabel/artist collective Monster Jinx has been delivering music that explores hip-hop in unique and wonderful ways. Check out their catalog and hear what the purple monster has for your ears.

      Visit Monster Jinx for great free hip-hop albums.

    • Exociety

      Exociety is a fine netlabel that has been releasing hip-hop that lives at the bleeding edge since 2012. If you’re looking for something a bit different, they should be a good fit.

      Visit Exociety for great hip-hop/rap music.

    • Kahvi Collective

      The Finland based artist collective Kahvi has been releasing only the higest quality electronic music for over 20 years. With over 400 releases, you’re sure to find sounds that connect with your soul.

      Visit Kahvi to discover incredible free electronic music.

  • Platforms & Catalogs

    In addition to the above netlabels, here are a couple notable sources of free music that could keep you busy for a very long time.

Remember… no matter where you discover great new music to download for free, be sure that when you find artists you love, show them support by purchasing whatever physical goods that they’re selling. This is the number one thing you can do. Downloading the music for free and streaming it on digital outlets simply doesn’t provide nearly as much value to artists. It’s time music fans do all they can to help prop up artists they love!