blocGLOBAL the Maine Record Label

In 2017, ten years after the netlabel was launched, blocGLOBAL, the Maine Music & Record Label, was formed with the goal of bringing a wide range of beautifully designed and impeccably mastered physical music releases to market. To bring this about, two existing music labels combined forces… blocSonic from Northern New England on the US East Coast, just 20 minutes south of Portland, Maine and Mind’s Ear Records from the US West Coast in California. So what this meant was that blocSonic would deliver the more mainstream sounds, while Mind’s Ear Records would deliver a more eclectic range of sounds. Occasionally they’d release something together for things that easily fit into both sonic territories. One of those combined releases was the first one in 2019. The Record Store Day exclusive… Chuck Mosley’s 7" “Joe Haze Session #2” featuring the final two recordings by the former Faith No More singer. To learn more about how blocSonic and blocGLOBAL came about read the full story.

— Mike Gregoire, Founding Owner / Head of Operations

Want more information? Want to release music via blocGLOBAL (blocSonic / Mind’s Ear Records)? Contact us… we’d love to hear from you!