Hydra Gwaii

Hey gang, Cheese N Pot-C, here. You already know what we’re about, plus there’s a zillion other things here at blocSonic where you can take a sniff if you don’t. We’ve started a new group with our homie, Tycoon, called Hydra Gwaii. It’s a play on the name of where Tycoon is from - Haida Gwaii in B.C., Canada - plus the mythical, three-headed critter, the hydra. Check out our new albulation “The Elements Of Fire”, for the three of us rocking over Tycoon’s production. Of course Cheese is on the cut under his acidplanet alias - DJ Hotwings! But enough reading about us! Read about Tycoon instead, who we’re bringing up to the front of the class right now! Take it away Tycoon!

My name is William Russ, I’ve been going as the moniker Tycoon since I started rapping in the year 2000, It’s been on almost the entire time since. I met DJ Hotwings in 2006 through a website called acidplanet, it was a place where many artists shared their musical creations that they made on a program called Acid Pro. I discovered his beats and wanted to rap on all of them. From there we collaborated on each other’s productions here and there. I honestly don’t know why we didn’t collaborate on a full project until now, but we finally made it happen.