Cheese N Pot-C

Cheese N Pot-C (originally DJ Murtle MC & How Now Lau), have been recording and performing since 1989. These brothers cut their teeth in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam in their teens and are founding members of the P.U.C.K. (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids) crew.

Since 1994, they have released a plethora of home and studio recorded albums. They have also performed at many venues in Vancouver, including The Starfish Room, The Cobalt, The Marine Club, The Columbia, The Brickyard and many others.

In 1999, Pot-C left for Japan and has spent most of the last 15 years there. Cheese made the move there in 2003 and has been there since. They now continue to record and perform in southern Kyushu.


Cheese N Pot-C - Friendly Neighborhood Banners
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Cheese N Pot-C - Nerdicus Presents Cheese N Pot-C: The Adventure Begins - Gab to Kag - On The Move
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Cheese N Pot-C - Down To The Wire EP
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Cheese N Pot-C - TA2MI Presents: Cheese N Pot-C
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Cheese N Pot-C - Bloc Party (Featuring CM aka Creative, The Honorable Sleaze, C-Doc & Mported Flows)
Cheese N Pot-C - EXPLWORAZ
Cheese N Pot-C - Nuthin Bout Tha Weather
Cheese N Pot-C - Cheese N Pot-C Buffet XE

Featured / Appears On

Robot House - An Infinite Number Of Monkeys XE
Pot-C - Don't Go Changing
Headsnack - Right Hook
Donnie Ozone - Dust On Wax (GGG MIXX) (Featuring P.U.C.K.)
Headsnack - Too Small To Cancel
Donnie Ozone - Dust On Wax
Headsnack - Hip-Hop Poppycock
Various Artists - Posse On Bloc, Volume One (blocSonic Posse Cuts, So Far)
P.U.C.K. - The P.U.C.K. Crew Presents Da Molsen Twinz: 3 Bags Short Of A Bender
Donnie Ozone - Zeopolis (Featuring Cheese N Pot-C)
Yuk MC - Analogue Dreams
Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block - NFT One
Timezone Lafontaine - Light 'Em Up
Church Of Space Presents: Nu Kids OFF The Block - NFT
Timezone Lafontaine - Beatseekers
Louis Lingg and The Bombs - No Joke
P.U.C.K. - P.U.C.K. Presents Da Molsen Twinz: Maximum Awesomeness
P.U.C.K. - H.F.I.C. (Hockey Fight In Canada) B/W The Odd Man Rush
P.U.C.K. - MAPL Theory
Krazy Shitz - Back In The Day (Featuring Donnie Ozone and Stanley)
P.U.C.K. - Hope 2 Die (Cross My Liver) B/W Cyda Man
Krazy Shitz - Space Signals
Krazy Shitz - Street Party
Hydra Gwaii - The Elements Of Fire
OWTRIPLEBANG - Whatevs Is Clevs
P.U.C.K. - P.U.C.K. b/w Liquor Store (Live)
mGee - Remixes, Volume 1
P.U.C.K. - Don't Touch My Scotch b/w Hip-Hop Topics
P.U.C.K. - F*ck You Everybody b/w F*ck Gary Bettman
Timezone Lafontaine - Sunfaded
Timezone Lafontaine - East Meets Sunsheets
Donnie Ozone - Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)
Pot-C - SIX ONNA 7 (Part 1)
Cheese - Barnaby Comes Alive!!!
CM aka Creative - Hip-Hop For Scholars XE
Timezone Lafontaine - The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever
Timezone Lafontaine - Soul Night
The Impossebulls - Five By Five V: Lust
C-Doc - DocSonic
Daily Khaos delivery - Electrical Love Machine
Daily Khaos delivery - Cosmic Yell
Daily Khaos delivery - Goliath
Donnie Ozone - Roaches (Featuring Pot-C)
Cassette Tape Bandits - The Shonen Sporks EP
Cassette Tape Bandits - Spot Rockers
Cassette Tape Bandits - Rapper Exchange Program
Cassette Tape Bandits - The 1 Upper
Nic Bommarito - Elle va au Japon
The Impossebulls - Erykah & Jean b/w Verbal Origami
The Impossebulls - Road Warriors b/w Think (About It)
D3Zs - Bloc Party 2 (Featuring CM aka Creative, C-Doc, The Honorable Sleaze, L-Mega & Pot-C)
D3Zs - Zenpin Hangaku
D3Zs - U Got It Bad
D3Zs - Doin' The Raps XE
Various Artists - Posse On Bloc, Volume One (blocSonic Posse Cuts, So Far)

Available Elsewhere

Cheese N Pot-C - Cheese, Pot​-​C, Mr. Moods and 34 Pro
Cheese N Pot-C - Dogan Face : UV Care (Take Care)
Cheese N Pot-C - Morning Zoo
Cheese N Pot-C - The Album We Didn't Call Wally Badaroh
Cheese N Pot-C - Corner Face Oda
Cheese N Pot-C - Hommy Read This
Cheese N Pot-C - Otto Burgher
Cheese N Pot-C - Parachute Driving School
Cheese N Pot-C - Out Of Bounds AKA Cone Movers
Cheese N Pot-C - On The Other Side Of The Drunken Car
Cheese N Pot-C - Here We Gogan
Cheese N Pot-C - Treatz
Cheese N Pot-C - Mr. Noodles & Wally Pooper In The Abbiest Doobie
Cheese N Pot-C - B-Mini & Tha Man Behind Tha Fan In Preca Baka
Cheese N Pot-C - Pizza Party featuring Kouhei Kakimoto
Cheese N Pot-C - Soopah Fun In Japan featuring Vancouver Hamburger and Robby Real
Cheese N Pot-C - Doin' More Stuff
Cheese N Pot-C - Doin' Stuff