Louis Lingg and The Bombs

Parisian anarcho-pop stars, Louis Lingg and the Bombs are releasing the best album of their careers on the 1st of October, 2021 on the legendary US creative commons label, BlocSonic. For their 6th full length album since their formation in 2006 in the burning heart of the parisian revolutionary anarchist music scene, they’re back with the pent up rage of lockdown inspired hysteria. Poppier, catchier, more punk, more hardcore, more electro than ever before!

The group is named after Louis Lingg, the famous Chicago anarchist who committed suicide on death row in 1887 after the first May Day protests. The bombs they throw are musical and they'll grab you and demand your instant attention. Their sound is a mix of ultra-political anarchic punk rock and fizzing children's nursery rhyme riot-pop. Laced with so much energy and a whole sonic attack of chaos and fizzy energy, they throw a crazy live party. They could start a riot in a phone box and regularly blow up little bars with pop Molotovs and bang bang boom boom punk rock energy!

They’ve had too many crazy tours and adventures to mention and been featured on feature films (Les Vetos and Mirage), around a hundred short films, sports events and even written the theme songs for TV shows. In 2019 they were the first band to release a punk record completely composed and arranged by artificial intelligence, Made of Fakes, a pretty listenable record considering the enormous technical challenge of coaxing the computer to come out coherent songs each time!

They’ve played benefit concerts in insane squats for most of the social movements of the last decade and half and their onslaught against the fucked up nightmare of this civilization is far from finished. Listen to the music. Get involved. Fight back.



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