Tha Bloc Report Episodes

Episode 22: The More Music for Your Soul Episode

Over the past couple months we’ve dropped a huge amount of new music on you. So, with this June 2020 episode of Tha Bloc Report, Pot-C wanted to spotlight music from all those releases. Considering all that’s been going on in the world, it seems like a good plan to simply deliver some good tunes to… Listen to “Episode 22: The More Music for Your Soul Episode”

Episode 21: The Ta2mi Episode

Today Tha Bloc Report returns with the 21st episode! As always, Pot-C delivers an incredible range of tunes… spinning new stuff and blocSonic Heat of the Month, featuring great music by Cutside, BLKJK, Vietnam II, C-Doc, The Impossebulls & Timezone Lafontaine. He’s also visited by the hip-hop mo… Listen to “Episode 21: The Ta2mi Episode”

Episode 20: The Music To Get Through It Episode

For episode 20 Pot-C of course plays new music by Vietnam II, Mos Emvy & Jade Mae, Tha Silent Partner & CM aka Creative and P.U.C.K.. He gives us the Heat of the Month Top 5 featuring music by Tha Silent Partner, Timezone Lafontaine, Cheese N Pot-C and Viktor Van River. And finally, he also… Listen to “Episode 20: The Music To Get Through It Episode”

Episode 19: The P.U.C.K. Episode

Pot-C returns to you today with the 19th Episode of Tha Bloc Report! This time around he brings you new music by Viktor Van River, CM & Tha Silent Partner, Das Mister featuring C-Doc & Cheese N Pot-C. He also delivers Heat of the Month by Nodus1, Tha Silent Partner, mGee, The Impossebulls an… Listen to “Episode 19: The P.U.C.K. Episode”

Episode 18: The A.Moss Episode

For this February, 2020 episode of Tha Bloc Report, Pot-C delivers another great selection of new and chart-topping bloc tunes! Music by M.V.A, Tha Silent Partner, Moki Mcfly and mGee. He also catches up with A.Moss to find out a little bit about him, his time at Black Flag Records and asks about th… Listen to “Episode 18: The A.Moss Episode”

Episode 17: 2019 End of the Year Episode

Please excuse the delay in getting this music packed episode out to you, the bloc has lots of stuff cooking for early 2020! With this being the 2019 End of the Year episode, Pot-C not only runs us through the latest releases and the Heat of the Month, he also delivers the Heat of 2019, as well! Tha… Listen to “Episode 17: 2019 End of the Year Episode”