More netlabel gems next week...

...at least that's what I'm shooting for. 10 Tracks have been selected, 9 tracks have been approved and I have all required assets for those. I've begun writing reviews and the next essay for the booklet. If the approval/assets for the 10th track is received in the next couple days,… Read more

It's happening now... right before your ears

While the RIAA is busy suing fan after fan for "infringing" on content owners' rights (and making a bundle in damages, I might add), there's an alternate music industry sprouting all around them. An alternate industry that's providing the world with better music than the mainstream media monster has allowed… Read more

Welcome to blocSonic!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who's downloaded the release so far. Thanks also to those of you who have posted about the site on your sites. Especially creativecommons.org Also... tracklist for February is just about set, just waiting for usage approvals. It looks like a release for February is a definite… Read more