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New release: The netBloc series returns with an AAIR Attack!

If you didn’t pick up on the not so subtle hint of repurposing the RIAA logo for the cover art and the title “AAIR Attack”, I still have something to say about the sad state of the music industry. It’s now going on 14 years since Napster was launched and… Read more

New release: netBloc Volume 39 arrives!

Can you believe that it’s been 5 months since we last released a netBloc compilation?? Way too long! Though, sometimes you do what you can with the time available. Well, I’ve finally got the latest volume ready for you. One that doesn’t break from the tradition of quality. In total,… Read more

New release: The netBloc series returns with Vol. 38 "Sojourn In A Sonic Odyssey"!

After 38 volumes of the netBloc series, you could say that listening to each volume is like a quick stop in an ongoing odyssey of sonic discovery into the world of netlabels and netaudio. Each volume brings with it a finely crafted potpourri of artists, labels and genres. Take this… Read more

New release: netBloc Vol 37: FIVE

After five years and 37 volumes of the netBloc series, I think it’s fair to say that blocSonic has turned on more than a few people to the netaudio culture. From the beginning, that was precisely why I began the series. I strive to make each volume eclectic and packed… Read more

New release: Gettin’ dusted with Dusted Wax Kingdom… Introducing netBloc Vol. 36!

Can you believe that we’re approaching our fifth year of bringing you only the best music from netlabel and netaudio culture?!? It’s been an amazing five years and I thank you for continuing to listen. Over the years, blocSonic has become more than a tastemaker. We’ve grown and expanded into… Read more

New release: netBloc Vol. 35: Occupy Music

As the internet has increasingly become part of all our lives, an intellectual shift has been occurring. As this shift progresses, more of us are seeing the need for less limitations in many areas. In the early years of this shift, an “open-source” software movement took hold and hasn’t abated.… Read more

New release: netBloc Vol. 34, the reboot!

Welcome back to another volume of our eclectic netBloc series, “netBloc Vol. 34: The Whitewash”! It sure has been a while. For those of you who regularly download these compilations, I want to apologize for the mess that was “netBloc Vol. 34: ccMixter Strike’s The Root”. Just looking at that… Read more

New release: Introducing netBloc Vol. 33: You can get with this…

If you love music and are open to new sounds, then you simply can’t sleep on our netBloc series of releases. You owe it to yourself to hear what the world of music is doing outside of the confines of the mainstream. The revolution has been ongoing for years and… Read more

New release: Ladies & gents… netBloc Vol. 32: Make Way For What Lies Ahead

It’s finally arrived! The netBloc that nearly wasn’t. Between delays in acquiring assets and personal life issues getting in the way of wrapping up in time, it’s my distinct pleasure to present to you another excellent collection of netaudio from the world over. I planned on writing a lengthy intro… Read more

New release: Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011. Ladies & gents… netBloc Vol. 31!

2010 has been an incredible year for blocSonic. We’ve had Boots Riley on ETHX’ “Boom to Bloom” and Chuck D on Just Plain Ant’s “Rumble, Young Man, Rumble”. We’ve released our first indie and pop albums with Friends or Whatever’s self-titled debut, Garmisch’s self-titled blocSonic debut and Liam Stewart’s “Sixteen… Read more