TSP’s Platters Series

Back in 2007, Tha Silent Partner began releasing a series of “Platters” releases via Jamendo and under his label Me, Life & Music. The Platters series were an exploration of vinyl samples based on particular themes. The first installment, “Platters Act. 1 (Lounge Music And Exotica)” featured lush orchestration and smooth rhythms. Then in 2008, the second installment, “Platters Act. 2 (The Untouchables)”, went sort of unreleased. It featured an episode of the TV show “The Untouchables” infused into a sonic world of funky hip-hop beats and jazzy melodies. Finally, in 2009, TSP dropped the third and at the time “final” act of the series… “Platters Act. 3 (Tape Deck)”, a sort of beat tape, but with a completely unique TSP vibe. Then in 2010, blocSonic released “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE” which compiled those 3 volumes, with the addition of 18 previously unreleased tracks from the original Platters sessons. In 2012, TSP continued the series with the release of “Platters, Act 4: A Suite For John M”. The series has continued on since with the addition of more volumes, all collected here. Enjoy.