News for 2009

200+ downloads of “Dig Deep”

In less than a month, our first original release — Just Plain Ant’s “Dig Deep” — has broken the 200 complete album download mark! Thanks to everyone who’ve downloaded the album and gave it the listen it deserves! If you haven't yet checked out this amazing hip-hop release, perhaps you should. A fre…… Read “200+ downloads of “Dig Deep””

Behind “Anti-Love (Featuring Sleaze)”

The following is an excerpt from page 9 of the “Dig Deep” PDF booklet… Sleaze had been going through some things with some friends and it seemed like it was a really rough stage for him, so I figured what better way to help him than to give him an outlet. As you’ll hear when you listen to this track…… Read “Behind “Anti-Love (Featuring Sleaze)””

Don’t call it a come-back… allow Just Plain Ant to re-introduce you to blocSonic

Yo Ant! I think you’re too deep for ‘em! Well we’ve finally come back with that real ish… some real hip-hop for you fiends out there! Coming to you straight outta Richmond, VA. Just Plain Ant’s “Dig Deep” is our premier Original release and it’s available in all the same formats that you’ve come to…… Read “Don’t call it a come-back… allow Just Plain Ant to re-introduce you to blocSonic”

February 24th is the day to “Dig Deep” at

By the look of this blog and our Twitter feed, you’d think blocSonic has been asleep at the wheel for the past month/month and a half. Nothing could be further from the truth. It all began last year when we realized that Ruby on Rails just wasn’t cutting it for us. The regular crashes and slow loadi…… Read “February 24th is the day to “Dig Deep” at”

5 For Insight with Coehn & Foehrb

01 Why free music? Coehn: It is easier to reach more listeners, when releasing free music via THE internet, As a musician, it’s useless to fight against the development of the internet and it’s impact on the music business. Anyone who enjoys our music has got the opportunity to buy our latest releas…… Read “5 For Insight with Coehn & Foehrb”