'5 For Insight' with brunk

netBloc Vol. 16 features an excellent track entitled 'Seasons'. Be sure to check it out while you read this latest installment of '5 For Insight' with brunk.

01 - Why free music? I didn’t make this music to be sold... I’m not a salesman or marketer. Free music = more musical freedom :-)

02 - Do you have anything new in the works? As always, more than one thing, actually ;-)

03 - Who would you consider to be your favorite music artist? Very hard to answer: I don’t have one favorite artist, but there are lots of different artists I respect and enjoy listening to; this is also something that constantly evolves.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? A beautiful self-released song by ryonkt "Shade Tree" (however, that wasn’t strictly free, he asked 1 dollar to donate to the Conservation International NGO, which I happily did). The last free one I downloaded must have been Molloy and His Bike’s "Hit the Fractal Road" released on Scribble Kite Records.

05 - Red, blue, or yellow? Yes, or even better: Orange, different shades of Grey, Black and White, and some Green, definately some shades of Green and Brown, strange shadows - some trees in a misty forest, rooftops in a city by night, unsharp pictures, coffee, wandering, not enough time, not enough sleep.