'5 For Insight' with niwa

As you may or may not already know, the netBloc PDF liner-notes now have a new feature called "5 For Insight". I ask each participating artist five questions. Here's a set for track 2 that feature's niwa. Be sure to check out his excellent track 'When She Looked At Me (I Saw Her Wondering)' on netBloc Vol. 16.

01 - Why free music? Because music is there to be listened to, one way or another. In a way, music is a common good and if I can make people happy by giving away some tracks for free, I’ll be glad to do it.

02 - When can us niwa junkies expect a proper release? When they spread the word and people with money start noticing me, or when I get off my lazy ass and do some real politicin’ myself ;)

03 - During the days of tracking, which demo scene music groups did you release with? Is any of that output still available online? I’ve released for several small groups, and it’s mostly crappy dance. The only notable release was for my friend Erik Skodvin from Miasmah.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? I check out netlabels a lot but I haven’t found one yet that puts out music I _really_ dig. So I’d have to go way back to 2005 and say Comfort Fit “Forget & Remember”. That’s an all-time classic right there.

05 - U.T.F.O., Above The Law or Braintax? Braintax. I’m a mid-end 90s man when it comes to beats (get those cheesy drum-machines out of my sight!), and I love the way ‘Tax creates an unrealistic atmosphere in his stories.