'5 For Insight' with The Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls were featured on track 6 of netBloc Vol. 16. Be sure to check out 'Good Morning, Bubblegum' while you read.

01 - Why free music? The sense of entitlement that pervades everything on the internet led us to cut it off at the pass. This did allow for those without the economic means to buy our music to find most of our earlier stuff for free. This is good in the US since there are a) 257 new bands a day and b) a government that has effectively steered the ship into the shore while laughing, causing the economy to turn to shit for everyone not involved in the steering of the ship.

02 - What influenced your musical taste most... radio, tv, film or literature? All of that, actually. We both listened to a lot of music as kids because our parents loved music. Also, Hiram used to have really horrible ear problems as a kid. When he was 14 he had an earache so bad that the next day he could hear everything both regularly and simultaneously a tinny reverberation about a quarter step off. The effect lasted about a day, but stuck with him all his life.

03 - Of all your favorite musical artists... who would you most like to work with? What would you name the album? Selda Bağcan. It would be called ‘Selda Bağcan is a freaking genius and should be free to do what she wants, sing whatever, and live a life of beauty’.

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? I (Hiram) just downloaded The Starry Tides “One Lit Window” right before answering these questions, actually. It’s pretty damn awesome.

05 - The walrus, Sgt. Pepper, Mean Mr. Mustard or the Sun King? The walrus as long as it’s not Paul. We like sea creatures. We like mustard, too.