Screenatorium's '5 for Insight'

Here's another '5 For Insight' installment for you. This one features Screenatorium… the excellent artist who was featured on track 9 of netBloc Vol. 16 — "The Answer Lies". If you haven't heard this fantastic Trip-Hop track yet, be sure you check it out.

01 - Why free music? Cause we like to find new free artists as good as the mainstream ones. Artists like Degiheugi (french downtempo producer) are people who try to change things in the world of music without asking people for money. We respect this enough to do the same.

02 - Aside from the 90s Bristol influence on the Screenatorium sound, who else would you say influenced your personal musical taste? Surely contemprorary abstract music from artists like Dr Flake, Degiheugi and Nightmares On Wax. However, we also listen to much rock music such as Radiohead, A Perfect Circle or Rage Against the Machine. I don’t think that Screenatorium’s sound contains any of these elements, but it surely plays a part in our way of working together.

03 - What’s currently in hot rotation on your music player of choice? Djeh & Nawelle said:Chinese Man Records "The Groove Sessions", Archive "Londinium", Degiheugi "Only After Show". Fino said:Ghostown "ReflectionZ", A Perfect Circle "Emotive", The Cinematic Orchestra "Ma Fleur".

04 - What was the last free netaudio album you downloaded and listened to? Leo Le Bug "Music to wake children up".

05 - Headphones or speakers? Speak louder, I can’t hear anything........... Definitely Headphones!