Cheese N Pot-C - Down To The Wire EP (BSMX0187, 2019)

Let me tell you… Cheese N Pot-C sure took the title of their latest EP, Down To The Wire, to heart! You see, cheese reached out yesterday after having realized that Pot-C had forgotten to send it as originally planned. He was hoping that we could get the new EP released sometime this week. I said I’d see what I could do… if I could, I’d release it today… if not, it would happen Friday. Well here we are, just in time for your New Years Eve celebrations. Five versions of a dope new joint with production and lyrical duties held down by Cheese N Pot-C, cheese, CM aka Creative, Donnie Ozone, 34 Pro, Timezone LaFontaine, Ocho, Highout, Pot-C, C-Doc, Cee da 76er and Bigga Thomas! Happy New Year! Enjoy.

Yo… CNP is back! Gents, thanks for getting the posse together for this dope joint. Props to everyone who participated!

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