Just Plain Ant - All Becomes Dust (BSOG0023, 2013)

Back in 2008 I first came upon the music of an artist who, a year later would play a large role in blocSonic’s transition to a full-fledged netlabel with it’s own original releases along side it’s netBloc series. That artist, Just Plain Ant made his first appearance on “netBloc Vol. 17: Refined Excursions For The Discriminating Listener” with his incredible “Revolution (Featuring Precise)” and it’s throw-back classic hip-hop vibe.

That introduction to the music of the Richmond, VA talent was just the beginning of a sonic journey for him and for us as listeners. His first blocSonic album, “Dig Deep”, was released in February the following year and it showed us that Ant was an ARTIST. His growth as a musician was evident.

Over the years he’s returned with albums that expect you to LISTEN, that expect you to grow as a listener along with him as an artist. You do grow… and his music seeps into your soul. When you put away those albums for a while and at a later time return to them, you realize just how much they became a part of you. That’s classic.

With his new album “All Becomes Dust”, he again challenges the listener with his further explorations in downtempo. At times the album teeters on the edge of chaos yet all the while retaining its firm grasp of the funk and pushes music forward.

So now it’s that time again… follow Ant… as he leads you on his latest sonic voyage.

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