01 - Bad Cop (7inch Mixx)

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C-Doc: Bad Cop

Stop shooting The People they all gonna drop

Like murder for hire you're paid for the lot

All of this bullshit- it's got to stop

Bad cop...

Here's what Baltimore and Ferguson have in common- they

Both have Bad cops and Brothers that have fallen

Unnecessary murder by the boys in blue- when you

Rollin through who protects us from you?

Judge and jury and straight to execution- no

Testimony from the witness to the persecution

Never ask first put em down in a hurry... Cause

Bad cops skate from an all white jury...

Even little kids aren't safe and sound...

Bad cops killing kids on the playground...

...And when we try to speak up they want us quiet- we

Try to protest and Bad cops start a riot

...Black skin's like a sin in this game... How we

Always forget that we all bleed the same? Better

Put some more red on the American flag

Bad cop pullin guns like a douchebag!

Marcus J: They get the bad cop, he run the drug spot

He takes the handouts he takes the payoffs

He killing all the people on an east coast block

Killing all the people on a mid-west block

Bad police don’t give a care about us

Serve and protect and betray our trust

Unjust murder when the gun go pop

Anyway you put it it’s got to stop

Bad cop, bad cop, bad cop, bad cop……