01 - Problems

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Song Credits

  • Bars by: CM
  • Music by: Tha Silent Partner
  • Original mix overseen by: C-Doc
  • Remixed and mastered by: Tha Silent Partner

Song Lyrics

Time shake the doubt I always thought about, time to call ‘em out

They want beef like this a porter house, whatʼs that all about

Donʼt even know me, so your hate is phony, Iʼm on this paper route

Far from a boy scout, might just punch you in the mouth

Them goons want to see war but never shed blood at all

When death be at your front door, the lord is who yall calling for

Sing the same tune, yo, the reaper heard it all before

Prayers donʼt get answered, guess He donʼt want you to call no more

Help those who help themselves itʼs what they say

You on your own either way, most see that as just another day

The path we take got plenty of dues to pay

When the piper comes to collect, what I heard is that, that dude donʼt play

Give up what is owed, donʼt ask questions is what we're told

Feel haunted by the choice that was made at the fork in the road

What would life be like if we took a different path

They might just all lead to same aftermath, so Iʼm glad

I got to meet those that Iʼve met, all my friends, especially my ex

Even through all the regrets, I had moments that were perfect

Was it all worth it, I'll tell you when its all said and done

But I know I still got work to do, show these clowns that Iʼm the one

To never doubt in the clutch, I took my sweet time

Still nice with mines, sharper with the beats and rhymes

While it might seem that the lyricist are on the decline

I know a gang of them, ready to step onto the front lines

I always keep a Partner who be Silent

Who grabs something so divine, chop it up and redefine it

I add the urban poetry behind it

We go make it blend well so the heads can go rewind it

That Bloc Sonic, those who crave it is who we made it for

I got a whole stash box, not sure why I even saved it for

Whoever needs it will receive it and understand

It might have took a while to get it but it must had been part of the plan

And Iʼm patient to a fault, was never sure of the bigger scheme

But hopefully in the end I got to live out my…

I get to live out my dreams… nademean…