01 - October 14th

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Just another day at it, trying to get the type of money

That will change habits

Then invest and build with folks who ain’t quick to panic

When a problem appears, make it go away like Magic

I might be cut from a different fabric

But I blend well with others, as I weave through the static

Use my calm to my advantage, while yall quick to lose your patience

I assest the situation, then show you how I manage

That’s from years of living

Celebrate another one with no fam or children

By choice, why? That’s my choice

It’s how I choose to live, I’m just a big kid

Why is it a big deal if I enjoy my own company

Who better than me to show me how to relax comfortably

You ain’t gotta like me, I already love me

If you truly think about it, you’d probably want to dub me

My loyalty is odd in a way

I support the hell outta you but I’m barely ever seen

If I got it, you got it, its okay

I got so much love but I can come off cold like a machine

Today is no cause for a celebration

While some might extend a bday weekend with a day of vacation

I work through it like it’s a Monday

I usually get what I want instead of having to be waiting

And rely on others to get whatever I be craving

Live one day at a time, probably why I don’t even have a savings

Plus I already hit my 40’s… That’s a gift in itself

In fact, that’s an odd twist in itself

Almost offed myself at 16, depression is hell

But somehow I got out of it with no meds or a cell

So what I gotta be mad for, everyday is a bonus

Dealing with bad vibes is my daily opponent

And I plan to win…so thank you for showing love

I appreciate yall for showing me so much love