04 - exit / exist

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Song Credits

  • Drum programming: Mr. Bitterness
  • Synthesizers: Jimmy Kaput, Mr. Bitterness
  • Guitar / Guitar Synth: Jimmy Kaput
  • Vocals: Mr. Bitterness
  • Lyrics: Mr. Bitterness

Song Lyrics

Exit, exist,

Exit, exist

What is,

What if?

What if?

The system is built upon white supremacy,

Capitalism is just the delivery mechanism,

They build prisons but the prisons are hungry,

They round up black and brown and accuse them of thuggery

Situational justice, see Epstein comma Jeffrey,

Or Steven Mnuchin, that’s some motherfucking fuckery,

Is this white equals might equals right? I guess it has to be

Consumption and destruction, planetary catastrophe

Exit, exist,

Exit, exist,

Am I?

I am

Damn God,

God damn

Realize I don’t want to be a miser,

Realize I don’t want to be a miser,

Drug prices on the rise and getting higher,

Fuck Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, and Pfizer

First they ask why you don’t spend,

Then they ask why you don’t save,

Student loans, mortgage debt from the cradle to the grave,

Wage slave, behave, until they’ve engraved,

Their rules on mind and body,

Corporate tools we embody

The problem is William Barr,

The problem is Kamala Harris

It’s looking forward and not backward after torturing “terrorists”,

The one percent want to get mo’ no matter what it costs us,

While Nestle steals the water so the board can make its profits

Exit, exist

Exit, exist

Is this?

This is.

This is.

This is.