03 - fentanyl

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Song Credits

  • Drum programming: Jimmy Kaput
  • Synthesizers: Jimmy Kaput, Mr. Bitterness
  • Guitars: Mr. Bitterness
  • Vocals: Mr. Bitterness
  • Lyrics: Mr. Bitterness

Song Lyrics

When I don’t want to feel, fentanyl,

When life gets too real, fentanyl,

When I just can’t deal, fentanyl,

When I’ve got no chill, fentanyl

When sleep is not my friend, ambien,

When I’m lost in a dream, dexedrine,

When I’m feeling tall, adderall

When I’ve lost my will, fentanyl

When I’m burned out, alarmed illogical,

I yearn and shout for the pharmacological,

When I feel the urge to harm the beautiful,

I swallow that pill get a surge of pharmaceutical

Relief that can kill, fentanyl fentanyl,

All the things I never will, fentanyl fentanyl

They’ll find me cold and still, fentanyl fentanyl

Send me the bill, fentanyl fentanyl,

Yeah send me the bill, fentanyl fentanyl

Send me the fucking bill, fentanyl fentanyl

Say goodbye,

Don’t ask why,

It’s not god’s will,

It’s just a pill…