01 - present tense

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Song Credits

  • Drum programming: Jimmy Kaput, Mr. Bitterness
  • Synthesizers: Jimmy Kaput, Mr. Bitterness
  • Guitars: Mr. Bitterness
  • Vocals: Mr. Bitterness
  • Lyrics: Mr. Bitterness

Song Lyrics

How do I feel about everything?

Everything makes me want to scream,

Where do I think it’s all leading to?

I don’t know what we’re gonna do

The United States of me & you,

We’ve all been red white & screwed,

They fucked the dog & shit the bed,

Go to sleep and wake up dead

How do I feel about right & wrong?

Why write another protest song?

Thoughts and prayers for the things you lack,

While they plunge the knife in your back

Got no budget for poverty,

Then they act like the bombs are free,

You can be what you want to be,

Just don’t fucking tread on me


2 steps forward, 4 steps back,

Choose your side, Choose your facts,

Don’t stop to think, Just react

It’s a primal scream,

Just pick your team

Empire & hypocrisy, greed and christianity

Sadistic society,

Better hold on tight

It’s a hell of a ride

Thank you for calling the United States helpline,

Please listen closely to your options, as nothing has changed,

Press any key to choose oligarchy,

Press any key to choose kleptocracy,

Press any key to choose a corporate controlled ethno-state crafting policy to eliminate the undesirables,

This concludes your available options, now eat your fucking pellet and get back to work “citizen”,

Your phone number and GPS coordinates have been recorded

How did things get to be this way,

What can I do what can I say?

It’s a party in the USA,

We just pretend that we’re A-OK,

They bought and sold the government,

Lowered the pay and they raised the rent,

Good job everybody take a bow,

We’re all living in the future now