10 - Fallin’ Apart

  • Beats & Rhymes: Pot-C
  • Cuts: Cheese

I wore my newspaper pants in rain and they did it again - they fell apart from the start and I didn’t bring tape

I couldn’t escape it wasn’t a great - plan to begin with - a blue print for dimwit

And this shit plays out often I’m watching - a wind full of caution - instructions lost in

Space or couch cushions - condos of cards - places with faces of gonzo retards

Fallin’ apart o leaning mansion - from the fifth floor I’m held for ransom

I’ll have to move in with my grandson - this crib’s got no legs to stand on

So the code of the streets and the load of concrete’s - not complete and the knees are weak

Don’t speak - and we won’t know how they saved the fee - it falls apart eventally

Dummies in dummies out now we’re laser fishing trout - why get to the point when there’s a bush to beat about

Everything you read aloud - isn’t always true - I compute these clouds are gonna blow away and soon

Fallin’ apart mis information - sophisticated bitch replacement

No matter the carbonite encasing - solo hands will leave it wasted

You better memorize that shit - or write it down - make a treasure map and leave it buried underground

Like a true fuckin pirate why let douchebags - clicketty click up your home porn choose mags

Printed then burned if you don’t want it learned - that you’re a fuckin freak - you must want it leaked

If the virtual safe is the place you trust - don’t have a cow when that code goes bust

Stupid so stupid to choose the box - plugged into the world cuz that box gone talk

Now the carcass of the horse has gone enough rounds - even pulling the plug it won’t shutdown

The iron lung leads a life of its’ own - no matter what you’ve signed it won’t come home

That shit’s been cloned - genetically altered - your balsa wood fence took no time to falter


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