01 - Garbage

  • Beats, Rhymes & Cuts: Pot-C
  • Bass Guitar: Thomas Lyons aka C-Man

OK - what tha fuck - Pot-C with a solo - take it to the streets with the littlest hobo

Or brothers doobie and snack with Scooby - at the drive-in movie on Tuesday, Ruby

Dee I do right - things I just might - ignite this here mic like it’s dyno - mite

Fight for some lights - I want lime and not twi - signal some bats or the past centur - I

Know you want meaning and issues addressed - stamped envelopes to return you my best

Yes and no guess - this is science gone mad - thinks double jarred and hit you bomb bad

Palm to the noggin’ - I’m hoggin J.D. - boss and the booze and toss the gravy

Got to save the underwata baybee - cheetahs that feed us these beats on cee dees

I don’t care what you want anymore - here’s some garbage - eat this garbage - lala - lala  - la

You don’t know what you want anyways - fuck this garbage - on your carpet - bana - nana - peels

We don’t even really know what’s important - here’s a donut -yummy

So I load it with a shovel and pop all your bubbles - yabba dabba don’t piled up to your throat

And the goats are all gotten like pokemons - while this thanks for nothing float we’s on

Parades the main drags - the ash grows longer - rolled up this life into a big chonger

On your way to a miracle whipped - and all the best foods better come equipped

To resist the fist that paws it to jaws - a laugh-in last then blast a hee-haw

Puff of smoke no joke and we are - passed for the prize set max to retard

Just relax - cuz the fact we need cars - to set prepositions up around bars

To from at - behind in front back - th- th- that’s all folks when under takes naps


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