08 - Homemade Raps

  • Beats, Rhymes & Cuts: Pot-C
  • Bass Guitar: Thomas Lyons aka C-Man

Break out the glue and the construction paper - the left handed scissors and a roll of tape or

Just a stapler and some autumn leaves - googly eyes and what I do will surprise

Cuz I’m making raps right here at home - this toilet paper tube is my microphone

This royal chinet is my dj set - I gotta shoe box mixer with a gang of effects

Pipe cleaner crossfader - e.q. made of buttons - fresh off this shirt so they didn’t cost nothin’

Cuttin’ and mixin’ performin’ mad trix when - it’s show and tell - I’m tha muthafuckin shit man

This can with sharp edges bent in for safety - is my new drum machine and the beans were tasty

Make the music with your mouth or from things around the house - c’mon everybody get the fuck up from the couch!

Get the markers and the crayons pick a neighbours wall to spray on - those clothes for Sally Ann - take the cotton and the rayon

I like the scented markers - whutchoo mean these ain’t - dude you can can keep the cherry I prefer the paint

The gas scratch and sniff aroma sticker with a tire - gotta cartoon face so it’s safe and not a liar

Brain cells replenished when imagination marketin’ - homemade raps and Martha Stewart’s fan’s I’m targetin’


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