02 - Suggestion Rocks

  • Beats, Rhymes & Cuts: Pot-C

I keep cat juggalin - struggle in my bubble and - rock track suits with rubber boots in the summer then

Shorts for winter - collect my splinters - crang and shredder any chronic bed wetter

I’m a getter from the go so you’re gonna get got - I narrate my raps - the next day Pot

C had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch - I haven’t cursed yet - so go and get fucked

Don’t tell me what you think of this - don’t tell me what is wrong-with-it

I’m just doing what I think’s the shit - and I’m doin’ it for the fuck of it

It’s two minutes of your life you’ve missed - where you probably woulda been tuggin’ it

I’d rather crack brews and get snaked and pissed - this is the best hook and you’re lovin’ it

Another rap I offer that keeps ya wanting to eat crack - wearing polyester slacks in a purple Cadillac

This cat in a hat is burning through bags of litter - at a rate astronomical - this diabolical

Scheme has teams dream they could get it together - but they’re bringing it spandex and I’m tougher than leather

And whether they ever get shit reassembled - I’m flippin’ it ten fold and doomin’ their temples

Don’t tell me what you think’s legit - I won’t be havin’ none-of-it

Step by step - these starter kits - must be from mills - the run-of-it

Go try the square peg in a round hole - and let this engine run a bit

I don’t really mean to name or blame - but you’re a bitch or the son of it


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