05 - Whatever

  • Beats, Rhymes & Cuts: Pot-C
  • Additional Cuts: Cheese

A house and two cars, twenty bucks to leave bars - I’m penning part two of Life on Mars

In the stix - no shit - I’ve got my own bubble - givin’ cabin fever a ludicrous lever

Dangerous setting like amusement park rides - on teevee and movies - with handles supplied

In balsa wood to notch up the factor - of impending doom and disaster

Who wants to take a ride with me - I’ve been drinking tonight - let’s fly

It’s up and down - left - right and if we’re lucky then a fight - no need to

Continue this life - why don’t we fix this fucking bike and leave

Before it hits midnight now my Gizmo has turned to Stripe - watch out now

You can fill in the blanks while they’re spillin the tanks - even graduate with Philip D Tank

I’m killin’ the ranks from Shabba to Muddy - guys and dolls like Ruxpin and Buddy

Patched up a cabbage - all I can manage - couldn’t make rent so coleslaw for damage

Dammit the tangents rhyme so why not - use em or lose em deep in my thoughts

You’re waiting for this part to sing along with my brain farts and hope

That this flame in the dark won’t make you add me to your cart - and check out

Get your credit cards - the internet is standing by forever

If they cut the cord we’ll see knife wounds in global weather - watch out!


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