12 - You Are The World

  • Beats & Rhymes: Pot-C
  • Cuts: Cheese

When you wake up are you dealing with the real - world are you sure it’s not just your

Imagination - the situation  - and all these problems we claim we’re facing

All erase when - we can’t keep open - our eyes any longer - the need for rest stronger

Than any other function we need to keep running - that’s why they say you’ll go to bed hungry

The ugly truth versus beautiful fiction - but is it the opposite - if my heart stops then bet

All of the mess gets swept under carpets - no longer my problem plus I don’t even work there

Hurt where the void replaces my voice yet - it’s a survivor’s need and the choice gets

Closer everyday to those curtains - why stick around when no one is certain

Worth the experience of the future - get to see this and that or who shoots ya

Provide for those you choose to bring with ya - the back of your mind wonders what’s gonna hit ya

Disease, the trees, the seas, the bees - or not paying attention to the S.U.V.’s

Coming round the mountain riding six white horses - when she comes with the papers to file divorce it’s

A never ending story that’s minus Atreyu - put in upright right position taking Falkor on a mission

Telling anyone who’ll listen that the galaxies center - is right in your noggin - the palace we enter

Can’t be built - the beans are all spilt - you wanna move up in this world - get stilts

It’s the Sim City Matrix - the oysterless pearl - round up yourself cuz you are the world


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