03 - Panther

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Song Credits

  • Written by: Jamarr Mays and Eddie Palmer
  • Recorded & mastered in: New York, NY and Columbus, OH
  • Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Beats by: Eddie Palmer
  • Guitar, Bass & Beats by: Jamarr Mays

Song Lyrics

I will wait for the lights


And the sky will fall with my mind to my grave

And the roads never end

In the night I begin

We erase the fear

That we had last year

And I wait for a sign

You tell me everything’s not fine

And I walk through the night

Like A Panther

Guilty of Crimes

What the hell you do is a follow through

You can isolate

All my desperate faith

And I think of you

And I always do

Well the moon never ends

In the woods I begin

I forget this town

It’s a cruel shakedown

You know what they do

They want to hunt you