01 - You Spell Like A Peasant

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Song Credits

  • Written by: Jamarr Mays and Eddie Palmer
  • Recorded & mastered in: New York, NY and Columbus, OH
  • Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Beats by: Eddie Palmer
  • Guitar, Bass & Beats by: Jamarr Mays

Song Lyrics

Burning all the trees

Oceans rise with me

Standing in the forest

And I’m feeling treasonous

It’s the wrong time now

If you fuck with us

Oh look

A new city

Buildings on the sea

Oh tell me more about your feelings

Yes I really care

You spell just like a peasant


Class warfare

Panic in the tress

Steal their memories

Well eat the plastic

Well you’re being so dramatic

Humans on the scene

Don’t say what they mean

It occupies all my mind

It’s a sign of the time


You’re divine

I describe nothing