01 - NFT One

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Look at the gif I just made — now it’s time to get paid

It’s a hot new craze and a wild charade

Money for nothing like dire straits

Sang in 85 now pump your brakes

All it takes is enough computers

To equal all the power users

In Argentina or the Netherlands

To buy these works of art I scanned

Through the blockchain to the blocked brains

Of people putting value on the most insane

Things I could right click and own em right quick

Who needs the receipt? Now peep this mind trick

It’s a token that can’t be copied

Cuz all these folks are out to watch me

I mean computers where most polluters

Are off the hook to be the looters

Of resources to cause divorces

Of you and your paycheck to show off a game set

Piece you’ve been fleeced and it’s not even golden

Non-fungible tokens will be leaving you broke and

You must be smoking if you’re really hoping

That me spending loot is something I’m open

To do for pixels — bits and bytes

Just to prove I can click the rights

How many fields need their play leveled

Industrial complex versus the rebels

Get all excited cause someone’s provided

Another grand scheme to keep at bay pirates

I just think it’s ridiculous — if it’s online — it’s mine with just

Some clicks and cables — all the fables

For what’s secure and proof of pure

Ownership without clones and rips

Making a list of bones to pick

Know the grip on any creation

Made digital is out there waiting

For it to get got without being bought

The fungible wonderful — non it’s not

Tokens are for Chuck E. Cheese so please

The virtual world is always on its knees

If meddling teens can make their own keys

And other governments interfere with ease

Then it’s time to stop making if you’re worried bout taking

Fire walled world if it’s all about raking

In the bit dollars that don’t make sense

Internet extinction level event