02 - NFT Too

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Receipts for groceries — receipts for gas

Drive around and eat and all that lasts

Is that receipt — which I could eat

It wouldn’t be a treat — but it would delete

The only proof that it ever happened

Well the CO2 and the pile of crap can

Also be measured if you can find em

Make a machine for time rewinding

Now I’ve made a song and I put it on

The internet just to get some attention

It got downloaded and sometimes streamed

Is it still mine if I give it out free?

To anybody with the link and a right click

If I take it off the site do you think that it might get

Forgotten or bought when I’m not looking

Could it ever be removed or am I just screwed?

So now the meat of the matter am I mad as a hatter

To think a non fungible — token is a wonderful

Way to keep tabs on a beat and these rhymes

Really get paid for repeats and each time

The buck gets passed in exchange for the data

That anyone can own if they clone — many ways ta

Copy this track — if you can playback

Line out to a tape deck — make an 8 track

Stream it to a friend’s phone with the voice memo

Like the way the majors nowadays make demos

N O P then the E for enough

There’s always workarounds to get the digital stuff

Criminals, luck and peer to peer

To snag up the candy for eyes and ears

A unique receipt — title or deed

Won’t mean jack squat if it’s already free

If you’re out to get paid in the digital economy

The next new thing that guarantees a lottery

Windfall to spin all heads to your business

Just cause you witnessed a few pass the litmus

Test — it’s still volatile — just cause you call a file

Something it’s not — can be copied and bought

By somebody else and some dummies wealth

Is out to make a payday on something so crazy

Get rich quick or maybe try lying

So much reality out there denied in

Ridiculous numbers — all these go funders

Backing up crappy stuff — none hit wonders

Some get plundered, tank and go under

Now you’ll be begging for a bargain hunter!