Various Artists “netBloc Volume 17 (Refined Excursions For The Discriminating Listener)”

Welcome back everyone! Thanks as always for taking the time to download this terrific handpicked collection of netaudio gems! Also, thank you for taking the extra step to download the accompanying PDF.

It’s always a pleasure to bring you this monthly collection. This month we’ve got music from Basque, US, France, Russian Federation, Netherlands, Poland, UK and Canada. The music included is as always quite varied… trip-hop, rock, indie folk, hip-hop, indie pop and pure electronica. If you enjoy this collection… please burn a copy… burn a few copies if you’d like. Give them to friends. blocSonic netBloc releases are the perfect way for the new to netaudio to test the waters. If netBlocs spread, then the word about netaudio spreads. There’s amazing music that needs to be heard and only a few avenues available to sift through it all. If you’ve found us, perfect! Now help others find us or at the very least find netaudio. At the end of the PDF you’ll find a netlabel/netaudio guide featuring a listing of excellent resources and places to go for high-quality netaudio. It’s definitely not an exhaustive listing, so if your netlabel or site hasn’t been included, please take no offense.

Listen & enjoy!

Michael Gregoire

  • Catalog Number: BSCOMP0017
  • Release Date: September 5th, 2008
  • Running Time: 40:42
  1. Seiurte - T.V. Show 3:08
    • Genre:
    • Year: 2006
    • Label: Independently Released
  2. Just Plain Ant - Revolution (Featuring Precise) 3:59
  3. Amanyth - Sooner or Later (Featuring Christina Courtin) 4:58
  4. The Kirbi - Armada 4:15
  5. Paper Tiger - Sandy 2:21
  6. Cezary Ostrowski - The Airport Dots 3:51
  7. After The Ice - Thursday Morning Waking 3:14
  8. Daniel Maze - Herons Are Mellow 5:22
  9. Brigitte Bijoux - Seduction Douce 6:21