Various Artists “netBloc Volume 18 (frais, fresco, frisch, fresh… mmmmmmmmmmm… good)”

After taking a much needed month off from releasing, we’re back with another fresh batch of netaudio gems. Even with the month off, it was a bit of a bumpy ride pulling this together. During the process of attempting to acquire permissions and assets, we were unable to finalize on four original tracks and went through two rounds of changes. As is always the case though, this process ends up being beneficial for the release — since the line-up/track order is always scrutinized repeatedly until it’s just right.

This group of songs brings to you music from Canada, US, Italy, France and Germany. The music comes to you in the form of Rock, Pop, Trip-Hop, Dub & Hip-Hop. You’ll also find that this month features a fantastic bonus track!

I knew from the start that I wanted to include a track from Brad Sucks’ latest release “Out Of It”. Little did I know how hard it would be to pick only one. I literally tried out every track from the album in the line-up. Finally, I realized that I couldn’t settle on just one and decided that I’d include two tracks from what is an incredible album. So if you haven’t heard Brad’s latest, here’s your chance to sample it. After hearing them, it’s quite likely that you’ll end up needing to give his whole album a listen.

The final noteworthy aspect about netBloc Vol. 18 is the fact that track eight is a little preview of what’s to come here at blocSonic. Original releases. I’ve previously mentioned that we were flirting with the idea, but hadn’t yet made a final decision. Well that final decision was made when a recently featured artist, Just Plain Ant, showed interest in the idea of releasing his upcoming project “Dig Deep” at blocSonic. Each release from the upcoming blocSonic original series will be released in the same formats and with the same features that you’ve come to expect from blocSonic releases. Three audio formats — Lossless FLAC, 320kbs MP3 and 192kbs MP3. Three album art formats — EPS, PDF and TIF. One excellent PDF booklet containing complete liner-notes and photos. In the first year we’re going to test out releasing originals four times a year. Since we’re going to be very selective about who we release, four releases a year seems like a reasonable limit in the beginning.

So there you go… another netBloc release for you to enjoy. We hope you do!

(Please see PDF Booklet for complete usage credits.)

  • Catalog Number: BSCOMP0018
  • Release Date: November 2nd, 2008
  • Running Time: 45:21
  1. Brad Sucks - You're Not Going Anywhere 3:38
  2. Josh Woodward - I’m Letting Go 3:10
  3. Monk Turner - Game 4:16
  4. Christine - Gimme 4:18
    • Genre:
    • Year: 2007
    • Label: Independently Released
  5. Dallas Kincaid - Love N Fears 5:26
  6. Mr. Moods - Ultraviolence 5:10
  7. NanowaR - Tricycles of Steel 4:05
    • Genre:
    • Year: 2007
    • Label: Independently Released
  8. Dub One! - Wise Man’s Dub 3:58
  9. CM aka Creative - Get Mines 3:10
  10. Brad Sucks - Certain Death 3:51