The Honorable Sleaze

The Honorable Sleaze is an American rapper from Richmond, VA. Sleaze is known locally as a skilled emcee/producer. Sleaze's music has an "everyman" quality, and he focuses his attention on the issues pressing to his community.

Sleaze has performed in many of the areas top music venues, including The National, Alley Katz, The Camel, Strange Matter, The Republic, VCU, The Baja Bean Co., Current, The Nile, Tropical Soul, The Canal Club, as well as others. Sleaze has shared stages with the likes of: Just Plain Ant, Ohbliv, Black Liquid, Myka Nine, PROP ANON, RAtheMC, Suburban District, Elle Maxwell, Intalek, No BS Brass Band, Photosynthesizers, The Boom Bap Bullies, Louie Valles, Millz, Tabi Bonney, Farma Wesley, Nitty Scott MC, Ms. Proper, OMO, Cobra Krames, etc.

Sleaze has been featured on several websites including; Kevin Nottingham, CrunchGear, Geekologie, KonsoleKingz, Amped Gaming, GoWhereHipHop, The HipHop Effect, etc.

Sleaze also wears several other hats: graphic designer, blogger, student, father.


The Honorable Sleaze - Summer Fresh XE
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The Honorable Sleaze - Broad Street Boogie
The Honorable Sleaze - Broad Street Boogie B/W Love Me/Hate Me
The Honorable Sleaze - Dance Track
The Honorable Sleaze - This Funk
The Honorable Sleaze - Too Much

Featured / Appears On

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