Timezone Lafontaine

Timezone Lafontaine utilizes cheap equipment pushed to the brink of destruction to evoke longdrives on moonlit interstates, healing rains and radiant sunlight, and the radical potential forinner growth. The purpose of this music is to express the present moment and create a fresh space for change infused with the badness of your own rejected soul. TZLF is in effect to unlock doors and provide opportunities for transformation right about now!


Timezone Lafontaine - Light 'Em Up
Timezone Lafontaine - Beatseekers
Timezone Lafontaine - Recalibrate
Timezone Lafontaine - Smoketrails
Timezone Lafontaine - Sunfaded
Timezone Lafontaine - East Meets Sunsheets
Timezone Lafontaine - The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever
Timezone Lafontaine - Soul Night
Timezone Lafontaine - Graveyard Shift / Papa Made Out Like a Bandit

Featured / Appears On

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Available Elsewhere

Timezone Lafontaine - In Defiance of Indifference
Timezone Lafontaine - On the Move, Searching All the Time