Various Artists - netBloc Volume 13 (color in a world of monochrome) (BSCOMP0013, 2008)

Bam! Here’s another one! This one brings to you 10 more netaudio gems that makes a total of 30 new net audio gems in less than a week. Netaudio gems stand out against the ruff just as real gems stand out against other minerals so I guess you could say that they are the color in a world of monochrome. Just as the photography of Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii, featured in this release’s art, was so. In 1905 Prokudin-Gorskii devised a method of taking color photographs using a rapid succession of three monochromatic photos, each through a different color filter — red, green and blue. That’s right RGB. For more about his amazing work you can see the wikipedia entry. Also, be sure to browse the Library of Congress’ gallery.

Enjoy this excellent release. Thanks once again for taking the time to download it and thanks to the participants.

Mike Gregoire

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