01 - Rockoutfit - Disclaimer

A fusion of electronic and rock sensibilities merged so beautifully that you’re going to fiend for a reunion of rockoutfit – at least we were left with this excellent ‘demo’ release, and what a ‘demo’ it is. From the sequenced opening to the final guitar riffs, disclaimer demands your attention. There’s not a track that I’ve heard before that I can compare it to. Another example of why netlabels will be a force to be reckoned within the foreseeable future.

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Song Credits

  • Written by: rockoutfit
  • Produced by: David Lichtenberger + rockoutfit
  • Guitar & vocals: Lars Hillebrand
  • Guitar: Philipp Heidemann
  • Bass: Thomas Herlth
  • Drums & electronica: David Lichtenberger
  • Recorded at: Technopanda Steinhagen in 2003