A special single track release series that allows for our artists to surprise blocSonic listeners with music that perhaps may not fit into the context of any of our other release formats.

  • Available in a choice of four high-quality audio formats — Lossless FLAC, OGG, 320kbs MP3 and 192kbs MP3.
  • Cover/Insert art and a short PDF booklet

All our uniDrops are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Please see individual release pages for the specific license details. Regardless of the license used, we explicitly authorize the use of our fortyFives during for-profit DJ performances, radio broadcasts and in online DJ mixes. We do ask that you notify us of your use for our own curiosity and that blocSonic and the album artist are attributed and linked to where possible.

Cover of “Alone” by Wals



BSUNI0013, 2022


Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License