Various Artists - netBloc Volume 12 (Anaxagoras) (BSCOMP0012, 2008)

This is a very special release. It's a release that I hoped to have ready in time for the holidays and was to be a holiday gift. Things didn’t fall into place as quickly as I had originally hoped, so here you have it now, a couple months late. What you’ll find with this one is a “concept” album. At least a concept in as much as a compilation can be a concept. There’s an overlying theme... that of the Moon. There’s a loosely tied narrative that is held together through the use of public domain texts, video and Creative Commons licensed music. There’s also a purpose... to explore the need for a Public Domain and the importance of Creative Commons licensing. We also have a guest artist providing the terrific illustrations for this release. My good friend Rob Pitt (, who I attended Maine College of Art with, has been gracious enough to donate his time and talent. He provided some wonderful illustrations that captured exactly what I was visually shooting for with the release. He also agreed to license his illustrations under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike license which allows for derivative works. You’ll find these source illustrations in a separate zip file on the release page. Be sure to read the included text file specific license information.

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