Various Artists - netBloc Volume 19 (Doctorin’ Ur Tastz) (BSCOMP0019, 2008)

Here’s another fresh netBloc release for you to soak in. As always… it was a challenge to pull together and it underwent a serious overhaul when it became clear that an artist and a label weren’t as serious about the release as I was. Finally, when all is said and done… this release is 1000% better because of the replacement tracks and new play order. Thanks to you artists who were contacted at the last minute and came through with the required info and assets!

Today on Twitter, someone asked me if I was giving birth… referring to this very release. It’s exactly that though… each release is like a child and as such it’s very hard to pick favorites… but this release is currently my favorite of the netBloc releases. It features a good mix of instrumentals and vocals. A perfect blend of hip-hop, trip-hop, rock, pop. Artists from all over the world that seem to fit nicely together back to back.

So enjoy… thanks again to everyone involved and to you!

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