Various Artists “netBloc Volume 20 (music to accompany the world traveller)”

So it’s been over two years since the release of “netBloc Vol. 1: The Opening Salvo” and blocSonic has continued to do what it set out to do from the beginning — namely to make it easier for music lovers to navigate their way through the labyrinthine world of netaudio. In so doing, we hope that we’ve also begun to bring the world of netaudio to folks who might not normally have stumbled upon it during their day to day internet travels.

netBloc Vol. 20 continues this tradition with an eclectic mix of 10 hand-picked gems by artists hailing from Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Slovak Republic, Spain, UK and the US. A world of music packed into 43 minutes! Rock, pop, electronic, jazz, trip-hop, dub and hip-hop are all brought together for your listening enjoyment.

So turn off that radio, that tv… close that book… pack your bags and bring this release along… bon voyage!

Mike Gregoire

  • Catalog Number: BSCOMP0020
  • Release Date: April 1st, 2009
  • Running Time: 43:42
  1. Black Band Coal Company - Together We Will Wait 3:21
  2. March Rosetta - Berlin Lights (Finistere) 5:14
  3. Black Era - Your Own Purple 3:46
  4. Audible Intelligence - Steppin’ In 7:09
  5. 60 Tigres - Dentro de mi Cuerpo 5:10
  6. Music Komite - Elles 2:51