Various Artists - netBloc Volume 32 (Make Way For What Lies Ahead) (BSCOMP0032, 2011)

It’s finally arrived! The netBloc that nearly wasn’t. Between delays in acquiring assets and personal life issues getting in the way of wrapping up in time, it’s my distinct pleasure to present to you another excellent collection of netaudio from the world over.

I planned on writing a lengthy intro for this one, but with everything that’s helped delay it, I’m just happy to be able to get this out to you to enjoy. So please… enjoy it… and if you enjoy any of these gems, support the artists. They are all on the forefront of a movement to re-opening music to sharing. Whether the majors (and indies) agree or not… Creative Commons licensed music and file sharing is hear to stay. The artists contained in everyone of our releases GET that. Supporting them in anyway you can helps justify what they’re doing. The future of music is here… THIS IS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC.

This time around we’ve got 13 tracks from indie to rock to electronic to hip-hop to electropop! There’s definitely something here for everyone.

Thanks for your ongoing support! Remember, it’s all about spreading the love… so keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it… if you’re in radio… support truly independent music and broadcast it!

Thanks in advance for giving it a listen!

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