Yuk MC - Riding That Rainbow (Featuring JakeMo) (BSMX0214, 2022)

We’re happy to say that we have the return of Yuk MC! Today he drops “Riding That Rainbow” with some help by JakeMo. It’s the first single from his forthcoming album “Analogue Dreams” which is set to drop June 17th.

The single’s a personal one for Yuk. Early this year, he had a very serious health scare and we can only assume that event got him thinking about his life quite a bit. Out of that came an equally important event… his coming out as bisexual. His living his truth and being honest about that truth in his music. So it’s quite appropriate that the single is released the same week that Pride Month kicks off. Anyway kids… download and enjoy some dope hip-hop.

Hey Yuk… congrats on making it through that massive health scare early this year and now coming out with your truth! Big year! Thanks to you and JakeMo for the music! I look forward to the album!

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